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The best cloud, the largest cloud, an extremely private cloud, and a cloud that cannot be reached by any hacker, literally.
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Unlimited Storage

This cloud has unlimited storage... the sky’s not even the limit with this cloud. This cloud is the best, scalable, solution for storing and securing your data.

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Offline Access

This cloud is built for offline access. In fact, it was never online in the first place. Without sacrificing security, this cloud remains within reach, even when your network is not.


Stratus is the cloud favorite

Here are just a few reasons why:


You can access this cloud from anywhere on earth…  If you have a catapult. Or a plane to jump from.

Complimentary Moving Services

A professional moving service complete with catapults for your photo albums, your vinyls, and even your grandma.

Safety First

Your cloud cannot be accessed by literally anyone. Seriously. Maybe just Elon Musk and his SpaceX crew.